John Danfulani,Ph.D

It was counseled “when you see beard of your brother in flame, you should wet yours with water”.

When PDP crisis peaked in May 2016 which led to the emergence of three factional leaders and closure of their national headquarters, APC urchin’s jubilated and mocked of PDP folks(Instead of wetting their beards with water). Their happiness was more than the one they expressed after defeating the PDP’s gubernatorial candidate on 11th April 2015. PDP’s internal crisis became a potent tool in the hands of APC urchins for playing their diversionary antics.

Sooner than later, the goddess of nemesis knocked at the door of Kaduna State branch of APC. A faction called APC AKIDA emerged with a serving Senator, former gubernatorial aspirant, former this and that as members. The Hausa man usually say “Kamun Allah ya fi na mutum”. When you rejoice over misfortunes of others, don’t forget,your turn is on the way. Sometimes, takes a little while, sometimes, it happens almost immediately. In this instance, it occurred sooner than expected! The God of Elijah must have answered the supplications of PDP loyalists because of unethical words spewed by APC urchins.

It’s clear APC elements aren’t proven and living democrats because real democrats don’t wish to rule without a vibrant opposition.Opposition’s criticism and advices are good nutrients in nourishing the tree of democracy than those of hypocrites defending all mistakes and failures of those in power for political and economic aggrandizement. A strong opposition also lubricates the engine of effective, productive, and sensitive governance. Unfortunately, APC urchins don’t know this reality or chose to ignore it. Their level of party fanatism is escalating to a disgraceful height!

Which side are these infantile and JJC politicians self… APC AKIDA or EL-RUFANIYA? Chinese normally pray to live in interesting times, I have been praying to also live in such times. Thank God,one is living in such times and witnessing interesting events in Kaduna State.IMG_424574084963



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