RE: 2015: Southern Kaduna PDP endorses Jonathan, Yero.

Jotham Chatcham Ayuba wrote :

RE: 2015: Southern Kaduna PDP

endorses Jonathan, Yero.

Senator (Mrs) Hajia Nenadi Usman under whose watch saw to the assassinations of Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa and Isaiah Ballat as well as the removal of Engr. Andrew Yakubu is at it again. This woman who is the Trojan horse in SK and saw to the massacres of our folks in their thousands has dared to insult our intelligence and direction some more by endorsing king Pharaoh, resident at Sir Kashim Ibrahim House, against the wishes and aspirations of a bulk of our people. It is on record that the Pharaoh’s inexperience at leadership and the fact that he is an errant boy to vice president Namadi Sambo, has left Kaduna as a whole; worse than before; and Southern Kaduna, a death trap.

This Hajia Mrs Nenadi Usman is paddling an ignoble notion to her fulani in-laws who also doubled as our murderers that her rejection by a few non-entities (her coinage) in southern Kaduna, is based on her marriage to them. Back home in southern Kaduna, we were told not to play the politics of religion; that we should accept Nenadi irrespective of her marriage. Are they serious? By complaining that we hate her based on her marriage to a fulani feudal war lord, she is not only playing the politics of religion; but exploiting tribal sentiments against her people as well as to promote her personal and selfish agenda of perpetuating herself against our people’s wishes. Her exploiting religious and tribal sentiments of her fulani in-laws against her own people is the height of betrayal of the southern Kaduna senatorial zone. For anybody to tell us not to judge her based on her marriage; that person is already judging us based on religious and tribal sentiments. For us to heed such calls, we have decided to play fair against their foul play. We must not allow those who play foul to teach us how to play fair. Nenadi is using her in-laws against us. They are raiding and killing us in our numbers. They are taking away our political relevance by assassination and sack.

From all indication, Nenadi has a hand in the sack of the GMD. She will not empower the youths and she begrudged the GMD for his youth empowerment programme, because her only kind of politics is one that takes nourishment from the people’s hunger, poverty and deprivation. She wants to be able to give the SK youth five thousand and see the expression of gratitude and youth empowerment won’t allow that. The gang of political errant boys she went with, whom Tanko Rossi referred to as those who can bark and bite politically in Southern Kaduna is hilarious. How can you term folks who have lost conscience and direction based on political appointments those who can bark and bite? I only laugh because the reminded me of the marriage of Fiona in the moving picture Shrek. The audience were controlled. They had no mind nor wishes of theirs. They laugh, clap, boo and etc on order and not on impulse. The commissioners, house of reps members, political appointees and the so-called those who can bark and bite as suggested by Rossi; who went with Nenadi are all living similitude of the audience at the marriage of Fiona. They are the Zombies the late Fela sang about: ‘Zombie no go dance unless you tell am to dance, Zombie.’

How can you refer to marionettes whose speeches and actions is a function of the wishes and aspirations of their paymaster and paymistress as dogs who can bark and bite? Hahahaha Tanko Rossi kenan. ‘I no fit shout abeg.’ Excuse me, why am I on Tanko Rossi? Is he different from the other bunch? No, he isn’t. He is also a marionette, a zombie and a fellow audience at the marriage of Fiona.

He who pays the piper…

My personal message to Nenadi and Namadi (because they call the shots at the top) is; Southern Kaduna are no longer the merchant’s goods to be purchased by Shylocks. Our blood, our sweat and bitterness over your misrepresentation and misgovernance shall go before you and after you. No one knows what the future holds. We will take back our mandate from off your hands. You just watch it. This is really goodbye to a dark yesterday and welcome to a better tomorrow devoid of a Nenadi/Namadi.



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