HEROD OF OUR TIME (My Easter Message To Brethren)


Pastor Dr. John Danfulani
General Overseer Church By Riverside International (a.k.a) Church by Babylonian River Bank of Kaduna)

Over two thousand years ago, salvation cum redemption of believers of Jesus Christ of Nazareth was confirmed through His death on the Cross of Calvary. Son of Man’s crucifixion abolished the ritual of sacrificing animals for atonement of our sins. To keep memories of His supreme sacrifice, refresh our fraternity with Him, and reaffirm our undertaken to live and die in Him, easter was made one of the highest Christians rites observed annually.

After appearing in a new body before His disciples to strengthen their souls and dust off specs of doubts of His resurrection to people like Thomas,the Prince of peace assured his disciples that ; they shall receive power after visitation of the Holy Ghost( The comforter). And commanded them to spread the good news from Samaria,Judia up to the uttermost parts of the world.That lovely command was made to Jews and Gentiles alike.

Most literatures portrayed the Sadducees and Pharisees as enemies of the gospel. Others ruled that people like Saul (later Paul) and representatives of the Roman Empire in Judia as enemies of the gospel. There is no debating the fact that they all played roles in trying to annihilate the gospel at its infancy. One of the fiercest of them was Saul of Tarsus who was hit by bolt from the heavens on a mission of terminating Christians and Christianity to Damascus- and converted him from a persecutor to one of the greatest evangelists throughout the history of the living gospel.

To me King Herod (I love the Hausa version SARKI HIRIDU) presented the “most lethal” threat to the gospel of Christ. On hearing the news of the arrival of a new king from the three wisemen who mistakenly went to inquire from him, he dispatched spies to know where our Saviour was born, with a pretentious intention of desiring to also go and pay homage to the new born king. HIRIDUS real mission was to kill Jesus Christ to avoid existence of another point of authority within his jurisdiction.

The gospel of The Prince of Peace today is facing a similar threat through a religious censorship bill in Kaduna State that followers of all religions in the state are opposing. The bill’s severe conditions like: outlawing prayer beyond 8pm; obtaining licenses before organizing crusades; and paying for visiting local and international evangelists- among other devilish conditions.SARKI HIRIDUS must know that we shall obey God’s laws not his capricious and whimsical laws that were inspired by terrible jinnis.

Many before Sarki HIRIDUS tried but failed in their bid to frustrate the spread of the gospel. I have some sweet news for Sarki HIRIDUS and his troop of wool heads….no jail can hold anybody who obeys Christ’s instructions to pray without ceasing and evangelize to all parts of the world.Christ’s followers shall sing like Paul and Silas- and surely, chains of anti Christ shall collapse and gates of the beasts thrown open. Sarki HIRIDUS should remember that we are ready to be martyrs like Saints Stephen, Paul, and other gallant and brave soldiers of Christ who paid the supreme price for the gospel.His Imperial Majesty King Herod better know that; to die in Christ is gain.

Consequently, I beseech Generals of the gospel to get ready for a modern crusade that will sink this proposed bill inspired the spirit of our own version of gods of Baal. Followers of Christ must not hesitate in invoking the constitutional provisos that guaranteed their rights to worship- anytime and in all places under the surface of the earth. And instruct the God of Elijah( The God who answers by fire) not to only descend his apocalyptic judgment on commander-in-chief of the bill but supporters of the evil move. May lips of those preparing to say AYE to this motion clip to the roof of their mouths.

We shall never sing the Lord’s song by the Babylonian River bank of Kaduna. Can children of God say Amen to this prayer? Can I hear a bigger one?

MEMORY VERSES:”For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” Mark 8:36



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