John Danfulani,Ph.D

The Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland and Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia wrapped-up a marathon intra-party presidential candidate selection process of the U.S.two major political parties. After observing most of their convention rituals the RNC selected a TV celebrity star and real estate mogul Mr.Donald J. Trump. And the DNC made the former First Lady, a former U.S. Senator and Secretary of State Madam Hillary Rodham Clinton. Madam Secretary is her party’s establishment candidate
while Mr.Trump is an outsider that outflanked a horde of establishment candidates during the GOP primaries.

While canvassing for support of their party faithfuls, the duo unveiled their economic, immigration, security and foreign policy programmes. Madam Secretary campaigned within the ideological boundaries of her party. Mr. Trump crossed some long standing ideological borderlines of the GOP. Their approaches to core party philosophy reflected on internal party unity or disharmony before, during, and after their conventions. Mr. Trump’s philosophical rebellion made party juggernauts and former Presidents steer clear the Cleveland convention. As a party with longstanding conservative principles,self acclaimed ideological puritans and constitutionalists, most heavyweights believed attending Cleveland Convention is tantamount to committing ideological suicide. It was so bad at the GOP’s front that the convention host state Governor and Mr.Trump’s former rival John Kasich didn’t show face. On the other hand, Madam Secretary got total support from her party’s heavyweights, President Barak Obama and the First Lady, Vice President Joe Biden, former democratic presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, and her archrival during the primaries and democratic populists Senator Bernie Sanders.

With Cleveland and Pennsylvania over Mrs Clinton and Mr.Trump are criss crossing the length and breadth of the U.S. to market their visions and missions to Americans, irrespective of their party affiliations. Before the November 8th Presidential poll, Mrs Clinton and Mr. Trump, as well as their running mates; will engage in Presidential and Vice Presidential debates.They will answer questions on economy, security, and Foreign Policy – either from the anchors of the debate or audiences within the debating arena. These face-offs are guided by ground rules agreed by the participating parties and the National Council On Presidential Debates.

American presidential elections do attract global attention because of the dominant influence of the country in the world . Its 2016 poll have a new high record of global attention because of the conduct and pronouncements of leading participants before their conventions. In their attempts to proffer solutions to the economy, illegal immigration, global and homegrown terrorism, refugee crisis, inter-racial relationship, law and order; some of them (now one of them) pledged a walked-away from some America’s bilateral and multilateral commitments with other State Actors and international governmental and nongovernmental organizations. These intentions, by one of the candidate, have triggered reactions from statesmen of other nations like Vicente Fox of Mexico and the head of Catholic Church Pope Benedict XVI. The French President Francois Hallande added his voice on the ongoing campaigns by saying the GOP candidate’s comment sometimes makes him feels retching . A direct interference in the U.S.politics that has no reference point in recent memory.

To ameliorate the menace of illegal immigrants crossing their porous border with Mexico, the GOP candidate proposed building of a Great Wall on the border.And Mexico, not the U.S.who raised the structure will pick the bills. Mr. Trump’s solution to ISIS and other terror related palavers is complete banning of all Muslims from entering the country. Breaking trade deals like NAFTAC and bilateral economic relations with countries like China is one of his economic strategy of creating jobs at home and increasing the wealth of his nation. Mr. Trump also threatened to abandon the U.S.obligation to NATO and treaty of mutual and security cooperation with it Second World War foe Japan. His main rival did not make a statement showing any unwillingness to continue to honour any bilateral and multilateral commitments with states and non state actors at the international level. She proposed some very opposite solutions and strategies with her GOP rival.

When Mr. Trump started advancing his unprecedented proposals to GOP members during their party primaries, the world assumed his words will boomerang and collapse his mission, prematurely. The GOP establishment and ideologues also thought he was a joker stretching his comedy too far. Heck,international community, independent Americans, and GOP establishment misjudged and underrated the resonating gravity of Mr. Trump’s maverick tantrums with GOP caucus goers and primaries participants. When GOP establishment resolved to stop the Real Estate Developer turned politician to save their party from an ideological flip flopper and calamitous invader, their action was; too little, too late.

American voter has two diametrically opposed options starring him in the eye. His 8th November 2016 decision has repercussions that transcends his territorial boundaries.His decision is capable of shattering the internal political system, economic deals, strategic alliances, and resolutions of conventions and protocols that have since become acceptable ethics in the modern world.

The pertinent questions here are:

(a) Is American voter aware of the enormity of the global responsibility on the shoulder of his country?

(b) Is American voter aware that his country is founded on the basic principles of rights and liberty of mankind. And his constitution encourages propagation those ideals in all parts of the globe?

(c) Is American voter in the know of the global security and economic implications of his country’s reneging from its bilateral and multilateral commitments?

In contemporary world history, when all hope seems lost ,America always rising to the occasion. America has led the world in spreading the messages of justice, freedom, and liberty. America taught the world the lesson of freedom and liberty by leading the war against slavery and colonial subjugation across the world. America joined forces of good in the First and Second World Wars and defeated axis of evil that set the world in turmoil. The world have great faith in America’s democracy and institutions.And sincerely hope that American voter will make an informed decision that will address his internal socio-economic challenges without shying away from their global responsibilities that have been the stabilizing force of the world systems.



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