Alh. Ahmed Maiyaki
Director General Media and Publicity
To Executive Governor of Kaduna State



Early this year we had a engagement in Liberty Radio 91.7. You took the better part of the one hour programme. It had to be so because you came with a ship load of sundry allegations against your principal and his government. Atop the pyramid of allegations was your procurement of 500,000 wheelbarrows to extricate beneficiaries from poverty zone. And abandoning of Yakowa’s projects in Southern Kaduna and in settlements south of river Kaduna in the city capital. The studio’s cooling facility was chilly like Moscow weather, but you kept sweating like a woman frying beans cake in a hot March weather in the Northern Nigerian city of Maiduguri.

Your voice which became combative and deep like American singers Boyz II Men told listeners and those following online that, it wasn’t easy with you. Since you lost out in logic and were barren of counter facts to distil the wheelbarrow and other issues denting the image of your morally bankrupt and politically lame government, you resorted to throwing wild missiles and battling my person. Hear you “you are always saying we, who are you and the we?” I immediately observed Newtonian Third Law of motion by answering your senseless and mischievous rhetorical question by telling you that I was nobody but delivered my polling unit, ward, LGA, and Zone to PDP. And you (including your principal and his mentor Namadi) couldn’t win even a unit- despite having their faces on the gubernatorial and presidential ballots. Sure, yours was a case of a vulture who doesn’t know the worth of a dead animal because he didn’t labour in killing it, he met it dead (angulu bata san tsadar mushe ba).

Even in your folly, you knew that you had issued an invitation to fight me and the progressive forces of Southern Kaduna. Because we aren’t cowards and never declined any invitation to tango, we went after you and your government’s actions and inactions that have turned Kaduna State to a Hobsian State of Nature. With a few pounding, tactical and strategic tackles; you turned tail run like a dog plying an unknown street under the command of veteran dogs.

Because you must keep your job you have gone an extra mile in trying to recruit Southern Kaduna youth with the sole schedule of countering my factual and straight talks against your government. Reliable reports from those commissioned suggest that, no southern Kaduna man or woman of integrity and fear of God caved in. You can now see that the primitive divide and rule antics Lord Luggard taught some of your wicked forefathers is anachronistic and no longer a strategy that can divide our rank.

You must be a zany to think that you have what it takes to make my brothers fight me on a just cause of fighting a kleptomaniac, lootocratic, fanatical and clueless government. Why the intent of using our people to fight me? You have the fingers to punch keys of your gadgets and mouth to talk, why attempt to delegate others? Are there no well educated people in Ungwan Kaura Zaria for you to recruit to fight me?

You are a trained journalist and practised same before your (un)deserved appointment as chief spokesperson of this government. Since the return of democracy in 1999, you are the worst media manager of any Governor in our recent history. You are an embarrassment to your employer and the fourth estate of the realm journalism. Even a non practicing journalist like Umar Sani who headed the team that managed Namadi Sambo is better than this so called journalist. From Mukhtar Sirajo to Umar Sani and Reuben Buhari you remain a disgrace because of your own philosophy of information management.

Don’t think we have forgotten the sadist role you played by sponsoring urchins to Kaduna State House of Assembly to protest the budget proposal Yakowa sent to the house. Your reason was, it captured most of the roads he flagged off before his death. Since you and your principal see us as slaves, you made moves that justified major changes you injected before its final approval by the house and assenting by your Master. Seven months down the way, those projects you removed their votes from your 2013 budget are abandoned ones.

In the history of this state, we have never had ethnic jingoists and religious fanatics like your government. During your time, a genocide scheme against Southern Kaduna people was tacitly approved through your inaction. Again, during your time, freedom of worship was threatened through invasion of ECWA Church located in Issah Amujegye and scattering of helpless worshippers in that Gbagyi community in Jere Chiefdom. While the whole world lamented that, you made attempt to deny it occurrence in our engagement in Liberty radio. The pastor of the church Rev. Ibrahim John Ejims will never forget your bigotry.

The whole world knows that you are running an inept, clueless and kleptocratic government akin to gang of bandits. The whole state (not only Southern Kaduna) isn’t finding this funny. You have forced progressive forces across the divide to join hand and push for your exit on 29th May 2015. The movement to kick you out of Sir Kashim Ibrahim House is like a moving train that can’t be stopped by people whose interest and eye is on our treasury.

Prayers are on in churches and mosques, activists are advocating, and politicians are strategizing- with a resolved not to stop until the war is won and you people sentenced to the political wilderness for hard lessons. One isn’t sure that some of you will not be guess of EFCC and prisoners at the end of it all.

I hope you read current edition of Desert Herald, in which your principal was accused of blowing 15 million naira weekly on chattered plane to Minna, Niger state to seek hand in marriage of Halima Ibrahim Babangida. And the allegation that about two billion naira was spent on his recent turbaning ceremony as Dallatun Zazzau.

Please, is it John Danfulani that commissioned that report? When will you reply them? You are standing before history and hurry up and check the window.

You and your principal have no entry points in Southern Kaduna, you will see the consequences of power of the thumb…Kaduna must be saved and rescued.

Ahmed Maiyaki, 1000 of your like cannot break the youths of Southern Kaduna.



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